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3 Best Hotels Near River Valley for Affordable Weekend Stays

Looking for a weekend staycation place without overspending? River Valley is a great choice because of its proximity to the central business district.

The problem, though, is finding hotels where you don’t have to spend a lot. Check out these three hotels near River Valley if you only have $200.

lyf Funan Singapore

lyf Funan Singapore

This serviced residence in Funan Mall at Hill Street charges $126 per night for a weekend overnight stay in a studio unit. If you are an ASR member, you’ll only pay $105 per night as part of the Ultimate Local Vacation package.

The package requires full pre-payment. Take note that you can’t refund the booking after confirming a reservation, so you should be sure about choosing a date. If you prefer some flexibility, you can book a studio unit for $140 per night with a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Studio units can only accommodate up to two guests. Aside from a queen-size bed, each room is fully air-conditioned with high-speed Wi-Fi and mobile key access.

M Social Singapore

M Social Singapore

If you feel like studio units look cramped, you won’t have the same thought when you book a most affordable room at M Social. Each room has double-height ceilings, which make it seem extra spacious.

Despite the small space, the functional design also creates a roomy vibe. An overnight stay during a weekend costs around $180 for the Alcove Cosy Room, as part of the Celebrate With My Millennium deal.

The deal is valid for up to two adults and comes with free Wi-Fi, coffee- and tea-making machines, and toiletries. There’s also an ensuite bathroom with a rain-type shower. You can find M Social Singapore along Robertson Quay.

Kam Leng Hotel

Kam Leng Hotel

Are you looking for a place that can also double as a secret hideaway? The Kam Leng Hotel along Jalan Besar is your best option. The boutique hotel is just a 10-minute walk from Mustafa Shopping Centre and Little India.

Kam Leng Hotel is also the most affordable place for a staycation compared to M Social and lfy Funan. Overnight rates for a standard queen room cost at least $62.

The offer includes free Wi-Fi, bottled water, and coffee- and tea-making machines. If you want a free room upgrade and cancellation, the rate will increase to around $95 per night.


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4 Affordable Spas in River Valley for a Relaxing Massage

 There’s arguably nothing better than a relaxing massage after a long week at work. While you badly need a spa treatment, your budget also makes you hesitant to spend at all. If you’re in River Valley, check out these four massage places where you can spend less than $70.

Healing Touch Spa

Healing Touch Spa

For just $55 per hour, you can get a one-hour massage treatment from Healing Touch Spa. You can choose from five different treatments: Asian Fusion, Deep Tissue, 4P Tension Relief, Thai Fusion, and Shiatsu/Acupressure.

There’s also a Slim Lipo-Laser Slimming Treatment for $38 per session. You can visit their River Valley branch along Tank Road from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily. Healing Touch Spa also has six other branches including in Alexandra, Novena, Orchard, Tampines, and Yishun.



Natureland is a CaseTrust-accredited spa that assures customers of clean facilities and services. This place is perfect for late-night sessions, as the spa is open until 3 a.m. Spa members save money because they only pay $62 for a full-body, one-hour massage.

Non-members will have to pay $69.55 for the same service. You can visit their River Valley branch along River Valley Road. Natureland also has five other branches including in Orchard, Robertson Walk, and Holland Village.

Le Spa

Le Spa

This massage place has an outlet along Mohamed Sultan Road that’s open for 24 hours. If you only need a half-hour express massage, Le Spa only charges $38. You’ll save money, though, if you choose a one-hour treatment.

The Le Urban Fusion, Le Royal Balinese, and the Le Classic Swedish Retreats cost $66 each for a one-hour massage. Half-hour services for these treatments cost $42. Le Spa also has two other outlets at Club Street and Upper Bukit Timah.

Green Apple Spa

Woman receiving foot massage

How does a rubdown while watching a show sound to you? You can do this at Green Apple Spa along North Bridge Road. Customers can relax at a comfy armchair while a therapist relieves you of sore feet. A one-hour foot massage costs $46 for non-members and $43 for members.

Try the Green Apple Foot Experience that comes with a one-hour foot massage, a 10-minute foot spa, and a 10-minute massage for the head and shoulders. The spa is open from 12 p.m. to 4 a.m. daily.


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5 Activities to Do in The Istana Open House

5 Must Do’s When You Visit the Istana Open House
A historical place of national significance, the Istana was once home to the British regime in Singapore. Today, it is now the office of the President of the Republic of Singapore. So if given the chance to explore this important landmark, here are five things to do in The Istana Open House:

#1 Snapping a Picture with the Ceremonial Guards

Ceremonial Guards with uniform

If you have ever dreamed of visiting Buckingham Palace but can't afford to invest thousands of dollars to fly to the UK, all you have to do is take a train to Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station and head out to the Istana. The royal guards are Singapore's version of the Queen's Guard standing outside Buckingham Palace. This affordable alternative is an excellent way to capture this beautiful moment as a souvenir.

#2 Join a Guided Tour at the Istana Main Building

Istana Main Building Front Door with tourist taking picture

Don't miss the chance of witnessing the inside of the Istana Main Building. Attend one of the guided tours for a small fee of $2 for locals and $4 for foreigners. Explore the same halls that some of the world's prominent and influential people once walked. You'll also get to view a unique display of some of the great gifts from all over the world presented to the President and the Prime Minister of Singapore over the years.

#3 Indulge with the Exceptional Views

Marina Bay

Do you ever wonder how Singapore looked during her time as a British colony? Back then, the Istana had an unparalleled view of Singapore. Today, it offers a magnificent view of the skyscrapers in Marina Bay and Central Business District. It may not be a sea view, but it's a splendid view. Enjoy this calming view from the terrace in front of the Istana Main Building. 

#4 Look for All the Benches from the Old National Stadium

Kallang National Stadium.

These benches aren't your typical park benches – they are made from the wood of the old Kallang National Stadium. The benches were specially made to commemorate this national icon that many locals hold close to their hearts. Upcycling the benches is a way of letting the old stadium live its legacy up to this day. 

#5 Have a Picnic at The Grove

Greeneries place for picnic with wooden chairs and table under a tree

After a long day, have a picnic at The Grove – a vast green lawn that occupies most of the Istana estate. It's a great place to unwind, especially under the shade of the famous centenarian tree, Grand Old Tembusu. This tree is a remnant of the dense jungle that once inhabited the whole area. 

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5 Recreations For A Lifetime Of Memories At Mount Faber Park

Mount Faber Park is home to Singapore's second-highest hill. The park is also one of the oldest in Singapore and is a popular destination among locals and tourists. There is a wealth of unforgettable activities to experience in Mount Faber Park, such as these.

 Ride A Cable Car 

Ride A Cable Car

 The cable car system links Sentosa Island to Mount Faber. It is a great way to experience the sights as well as reach the top of the park, where several dining and entertainment establishments are available. If you don't want to ride in one but want to brag about it on social media, then there are two unmoving cable car displays at the base of the Cable Car Station at Mount Faber Park. Take a photo to commemorate your visit.

 Ring The Bell Of Happiness 

Ring The Bell Of Happiness

When at Faber Peak, you can ring a bell, known as the Bell of Happiness. The bell was originally from a Polish ship named Dar Pomoza, which was a famous sailing ship. It was presented as a gift to Sentosa in 1992 and was moved to Faber Park in 2012. Today, it is situated in what is called the Garden of Happiness. The bell is called as such because the people believe that when couples ring this bell together, they would be blessed with eternal harmony, peace, and happiness.

Make Wishes Through Wishing Bells

Make Wishes Through Wishing Bells

A short walk from the Bell of Happiness is a fence chock-full of bells with handwritten messages. This works with the same concept as 'love-locks' in places like Korea and Paris. The bells bear romantic, commemorative, or wishful messages. A nearby shop sells a pair of "Wishing Bells" and pens to write your wishes with. Afterwards, you attach them to the fence for future visitors to see. 

Take Simple Hilltop Walks

Sometimes, simplicity is key, and there is nothing simpler than enjoying a nice relaxing walk with your loved one. Mount Faber Park has several lovely trails and pathways for you to enjoy. The Marang Trail connects the base of Mount Faber to Faber point, where the cable cars are. Henderson Waves, the 247-meter long pedestrian bridge connecting Mount Faber to Telok Blangah Hill Park, is an excellent piece of architecture. While walking around the park, keep an eye out for the Golden Bell Mansion. Hilltop walks are a pleasure that Mount Faber Park affords.

See Singapore Sights

Embrace the beauty of Singapore through Faber Point. You can take in the views of Keppel Harbor, and on a good day, you may even see the southern tip of the Malaysia peninsula and Indonesia's Riau Islands.

And while the sea view is excellent, don't forget to look in the other direction. Singapore's urban landscape is an equally appealing treat. Look for arrows on the ground around the park, pointing to the direction where places like the Bird's Park and Southern Islands can be seen.

Mount Faber Park is a popular spot for tourists, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy here, either with family, friends, or a loved one. Head on over to Mount Faber Park to experience what the place has in store for you.

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Top 5 Must-Try Specialty Restaurants Near Orchard

Specialty restaurants in Singapore set themselves apart from other dining establishments mostly
because of their featured cuisine. If you’re planning to visit Orchard anytime soon, then check out
these five places where you can experiment with your taste buds by trying something new.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Are you looking for Chinese cuisine but want a wider variety of options? The best thing about this
restaurant is the broad range of dishes ranging from Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine to
Shanghainese and Teochew fare. Some of the best-selling items include crispy chicken with mango
sauce, Peking duck and Xiao Long Bao dim sum. Crystal Jade Group operates a chain of five
restaurants along Orchard Road. You can visit one at the Paragon Shopping Centre between 11 a.m.
and 10 p.m. daily.


The restaurant operates an outlet at Plaza Singapura from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. ThaiExpress is
the go-to destination for groups of diners who want to share Thai appetizers like mango salad and
fish cakes. The green curry chicken and yellow ginger chicken rice are some of the popular items on
the menu.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant

The restaurant’s name says it all. Customers flock to this place to fill their hungry bellies with authentic
Japanese cuisine. It’s also a good place to have lunch because of the affordable prices. You can only
spend less than $20 for a lunch set that may include fresh sushi and sashimi. Akashi Japanese
Restaurant tends to be full of customers because of the reasonable prices. The restaurant at The
Paragon serves customers between 11:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar

This fine-dining restaurant allows you to soak in a picturesque view from the rooftop of the ION
Orchard Mall, while enjoying a juicy steak or grilled meat. Salt Grill & Sky Bar mostly offers seafood
and meat, although the restaurant describes Australian cuisine as its specialty. The place has a
varied schedule per day of the week, although it’s worth noting that happy hours last from 5 p.m. to
7:30 p.m.

Marche Mövenpick

European cuisine lovers should visit this restaurant at the 313@somerset Mall. The Swiss rösti, in
particular, is one of its well-loved dishes. Another good thing about Marche Mövenpick is the
market-style food court, which is good for those who don’t want to dress up as they would in a
fine-dining restaurant. The restaurant is open between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. from Monday to Friday,
and between 10 a.m. to 12 midnight on Saturday and Sunday.


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Top 3 Must-Try Burger Joints Near Chinatown

Chinatown offers a wide array of food options and burgers are just one of many options. We’ve listed three of the best stores near the area to make it easier for you to spot a potential favorite. Read on to find out more.

Burnt Ends

The place along Teck Lim Road is best known for landing among the top 50 best restaurants in Asia for 2018. Its burgers are undoubtedly part of the reason for the recognition. Burnt Ends prepares burgers by using customized ovens and grills, which use temperature settings of more than 1,700 degrees to bring out the meat’s strong aroma and smoky taste.

Burnt Ends also doesn’t stick to a standard menu throughout the year. Customers can expect the items to range from barbecued food to fish and vegetables. The prices depend on the item, although The Sanger costs $20 and is one of the cheapest for a signature dish. It consists of a pulled pork shoulder with a generous serving of coleslaw and a pair of fluffy buns, of course.

Potato Head Folk

Some people only consider burgers to be tasty when they need to dig in with every bite and get messy hands in the process. Potato Head Folk’s Baby Huey does just that with its succulent 150-gram Black Angus beef patty with lettuce, pickles and melted cheese. The sandwich costs $17 that’s quite reasonable for each flavorful bite. You can find the restaurant along the corner of Keong Saik and Teck Lim roads. Potato Head Folk’s location at a high-end bar in Chinatown also means that you can enjoy a meal while sipping your favorite cocktail.

Burger Joint

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming name of this diner at Gemmil Lane. Burger Joint brings the ambiance of New York-style burger places with the uncanny resemblance to its Western counterpart. The space seems like an underground bunker with graffiti-drawn wood as the interior design. The prices are also much cheaper compared to Burnt Ends and Potato Folk, which should be the main selling point for most customers.

Hamburgers cost $13.10 yet it might be better to choose cheeseburgers that only cost $13.80. Bacon burgers and bacon cheeseburgers cost $15.10 and $15.80, respectively. You can even customize the sandwich by choosing the kind of ingredients. In other words, you don’t need to pick out unwanted trimmings like pickles, onions and lettuce. A downside of eating here, however, involves paying extra for fries. The shoestring fries cost $5.50.


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Top 4 Places to Eat Near Marina Bay Sands With An Aerial View of Singapore

Singapore has no shortage of restaurants where diners can enjoy not just their meal but also a view of the surrounding environment. If you’re looking for a nice place near Marina Bay Sands, check out these four restaurants on your next visit.

1. Vue

The establishment is located on the 19th floor of the OUE Bayfront building. The interior of Vue is already a treat in itself with a spacious vibe brought by elongated windows, which overlook the Civic District along the Marina Bay. The restaurant’s name is derived from the French word that translates to “view” in English, so it’s quite easy to remember when you wish to return for another meal. Some of the must-try dishes at Vue include the American USDA Prime Black Angus for $88 and the Japanese A5 Emperor “Kokuou” Black Wagyu for $108. Those who want to try a four-course tasting menu can do so for $108.

2. Angie’s Oyster Bar

This restaurant at the peak of Singapore Land Tower lets you enjoy the stunning views of skyscrapers in the central business district. Imagine eating fresh oysters while the sun is setting down on the high-rise buildings. Seafood comprises most of the items on the menu. You should visit between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to take advantage of discounted prices for oysters, which normally cost from $1 to $8 during this time. A platter for two also costs $73 and it already includes crab legs, prawns, oysters and scallops.

3. Spago

If you prefer to stay within the area, then head to the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands to dine at Spago. The place offers a great view of the riverfront. The prices on the menu are probably the most reasonable compared to other restaurants near Marina Bay Sands. A three-course lunch meal, for instance, may cost $48. It includes Iberico pork, Japanese seabream and quail among other options. While Spago also operates in the U.S., the Singaporean outlet ensures that their menu offers unique and different items that cater to the local taste buds.

4. LeVeL33

The place is best known as the highest microbrewery in the world. Some people flock to the place simply because of this recognition. LeVeL33 is on the 33rd floor of the Marina Bay Sands building, hence the brewery’s name. It may not be on the same floor as Spago, but LeVeL33 is a good alternative for those who aren’t fond of being on such great heights.


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3 Best Hotels Near River Valley for Affordable Weekend Stays

Looking for a weekend staycation place without overspending? River Valley is a great choice because of its proximity to the central business...